Obstetric Services Consolidated at Memorial

In 2020, Memorial Hospital filed Certificates of Exemption (COE) with the Illinois Health Facilities and Services Review Board (IHFSRB) to consolidate the two hospital licenses to a single license as well as consolidate its obstetrics service to Memorial Hospital Shiloh. Both requests were approved last September.

One license as a single provider

Effective January 1, 2021, Memorial Hospital Belleville and Memorial Hospital Shiloh began operating under a single license with one provider number which is the Memorial Hospital Belleville license and provider number.  The legal corporate name is Protestant Memorial Medical Center, Inc. (PMMCI), which is the current Memorial Hospital Belleville corporate name, and will include the operations of Memorial Hospital Belleville, Memorial Hospital Shiloh and Memorial Care Center.

Operating under one license creates operational efficiencies and improves the ability to respond to patient volumes. These increased efficiencies will positively impact our patients as well. Having a single provider number decreases confusion for pre-authorization assignments and billing.

This change will result in a single board and Medical Staff. Our campus in Belleville will be referred to as Memorial Hospital Belleville and our campus in Shiloh will be referred to as Memorial Hospital Shiloh.

Family Care Birthing Center

During the summer of 2020, the Family Care Birthing Center at Memorial Hospital Belleville consolidated with the Family Care Birthing Center at Memorial Hospital Shiloh to maximize staff as part of the COVID-19 response readiness plan. The consolidation has been successful with patients, providers and staff alike sharing consistently positive feedback and satisfaction.

This provides Memorial with an opportunity to create a destination Center of Excellence for Women and Infants Services at Memorial Hospital Shiloh. The specialty services currently provided by St. Louis Children’s Hospital and Washington University Physicians in Illinois, Inc. will continue to expand at the Shiloh campus.

While obstetric services no longer are available at the Belleville campus, the Emergency Department staff are experienced to take care of obstetric emergencies and deliveries if necessary.