Discharge Information

Discharge Information

Your discharge from Memorial Hospital Belleville is a crucial transition in your care.

An important step in your discharge is complete and accurate instructions. Your care team, consisting of your nurse, doctor, care manager, and social worker, has been working with you to identify what supplies and help you may need after you leave the hospital. The care manager or social worker will make the final arrangements for these services the day of discharge.

In order to have all the information necessary for your discharge, several physicians may need to be contacted. Each physician has specific orders that need to be completed in relation to medications, follow up, etc. Some physicians may want to see you before you leave in order to ensure a safe transition home. Additionally, test results may have to be obtained, medical equipment ordered, etc., before we can finalize your discharge and assist you in leaving.

Each step has a process. We are sensitive to your time and needs; however, your safety is of the utmost importance. We realize you will be getting a lot of information at discharge. We want to make sure you fully understand all of the information presented and have the opportunity to ask questions. All instructions will be in writing. Make sure you can read the handwriting for any written discharge instructions or prescriptions that are given to you. We welcome your family/significant other to be present.

The staff will keep you informed during this process. Your hospital charges are not based on time of discharge. Feel free to call and keep your family/significant other informed, as we realize their time is also valuable. Our goal is to make this process easy for you as well as your family/significant other. Please let us know how we may further serve your needs.

Every attempt will be made to expedite a timely discharge from the hospital. Make sure that you take everything, such as equipment you brought from home, when you leave the room. Ask questions so that you fully understand your doctor’s plan of care for you. The better you understand these instructions, the better you are able to take care of yourself after discharge.

You or your representative may request a discharge planning evaluation. A discharge planning evaluation will be performed by hospital staff upon request.